viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015

Mafalda (sourdough starter) is making me crazy!!!!

My days are a fight trying to make bread from sourdough starter.

My first attempt was great but now I´m having disaster after disaster.

Just last weekend I had to dismiss my starter, it didn´t work after three feeds.

Today I began again......

8am   1/4 cup  Mafalda sourdough and I added 1/4 cup  flour and filtered water

1pm   I added 1/4 flour and filtered water.
          There were very few bubbles,

4.30pm  1/2 cup flour and filtered water.
              It had more bubbles.
              Because I tried with a bit of this in the glass of water and it didn´t float. It sunk.

Now I´m just waiting but after 2 hours there is no change.

The kitchen is warm because it´s summer here.

I followed all the instructions, I read hundred of blogs about sourdough.....I dont know....

Do I have to wait till tomorrow (now 7.30 pm)????

Do I have to feed it again at ....midnight????


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