lunes, 11 de julio de 2016

Knitting, baking and kids in July

OMG, just a week and winter holidays are here!

The day is grey and cloudy, rain is in the air, and I´m here at home feeling sick and trying no to pay attention to my body.....

There are lots of news.

I´m knitting a new crochet blanket for L.


I have a new pattern book, full of wonderful toys for my grandkids!

There ´ll be a new baby in the family next year....
So lots of knitting in a near future.

As usual, sourdough baking is at full force:

And the little ones of the family had their birthday last friday:

Yes!  21 and 23 years old, it was yesterday when they were babies:):):)
Bye my friends,have a nice day!