viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

Busy, busy October

Since October began, there was a lot going on at home.
A new movie on Saturday night.

A family gathering just for fun on Sunday. Tea, cakes and bread.

A weekend spent in Pehuajo. A rural community, 360 km from Buenos Aires.

Famous writer and composer, Maria Elena Walsh wrote her song "Manuelita". Here it´s a city tribute to this famous child character. A statue of the turtle Manuelita ".... who lived in Pehuajo but someday she left it.....".

Pehuajo´s church, San Anselmo.

And now, back in Buenos Aires, with new recipes to cook.....

Toasted coconut cookies from a blog I follow

And some bread because the freezer is empty!!!

And last but not least, here in Argentina on Sunday it´s Mother´s Day, so...... barbecue, desserts and family. Yuppi!!!!!!!!
See you soon my friends.

viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015

In my kitchen....October

It´s officially Spring here, but the weather is nasty. It´s cold, windy and rainy.

The kitchen is still the place to  look for warm and comfort food.

So, it´s a pleasure to visit kitchens all over the world including my own kitchen!!!

Wonderful idea from Celia.

In my kitchen this month.....

A yummy tangerine cake. New recipe.

In my kitchen....

Chocolate treats from my Ravelry invisible friend.

In my kitchen......

First batch of strawberry jam.

In my kitchen.......

Knitting as always. My gift for my invisible friend in Ravelry.

Last but not least, a cake for a star, my grandchild 2nd birthday.
Not my kitchen, not my cake but a wonderful one made with LOVE . 
Her mummy made it!

Thanks for visiting friends!!!