domingo, 4 de mayo de 2014

In my kitchen.....May!

In My Kitchen is a monthly series hosted by Celia at

Every month she posts what is happening in her kitchen.....and a lot  happens!!!

Sometimes I can show some new items and this month In my kitchen there are :

"YERBA MATE" : a South American herb used to make the beverage.
Mate is the caffeinated beverage made from yerba mate and although I drink it sometimes, it isn´t my usual hot beverage, I prefer coffee, but when you are trying to loose some weight, mate is useful to feel satisfied so..........I ´ll give it a try. 
UNION is a very well known brand of yerba mate here in Argentina and I chose a variety with less "mateina" (simil to cafeina), 

Drinking mate with friends from a shared hollow gourd (mate in Spanish) with a metal straw (a bombilla in Spanish) is a common social practice in Argentina, Uruguay and southern Brazil, among people of all ages.
So here is my new "mate" with the "bombilla"

The infusion is similar to tea, so you have to fill the "mate" with "yerba" and then pour hot water in it and voila! Mate is served.

The flavour resembles an infusion of herbs and vegetables. 

Come to Argentina my friends, to taste it!

In my kitchen, there are  new paper cups for my future muffins and cupcakes:

And finally a gift from my friend Jane, measure spoons and cups two in one!

Finally in my kitchen preparations are at full flight because we have a birthday on May 12th, but next post you´ll see.
So, if you like the idea, hop over to Celia´s blog for a sneaky peek into other kitchens aroun the world.
Have a nice week!!!

jueves, 1 de mayo de 2014

Bye, bye April!

April is finishing, days slipped so fast lately!!!!
Abril se va acabando, que rápido se pasan los días ultimamente.

But till Monday, we have a short holiday here in Argenina. Tomorrow is Labor Day and then a long weekend is ahead.
Pero hasta el lunes, tenemos unas minivacaciones. Mañana es el Día del Trabajo, y luego feriado puente y el fin de semana.

Weather isn´t fine. Today was rainy and humid but as the weather man told at TV, it´ll be better, cloudy tomorrow and sunny on we´ll be heading to the country.
El tiempo no está demasiado bueno, hoy estuvo lluvioso y húmedo, pero el pronosticador de turno anticipó que mejorará y el viernes será un día a pleno sol, entonces.....nos estamos yendo al campo.

Knitting, reading and enjoying a good fire ´ll be the best choices.
El tejido, la lectura y disfrutar frente a un buen fuego, serán las opciones.

 I´ll miss her a lot!!!

But having Malabrigo for knitting I´ll have some little pleasure !

And a cup of coffee ´ll be nice too!!

Bye friends...see you soon!