sábado, 11 de abril de 2015

Daily bread, following new paths.....

Following new paths.....why not to try my usual bread recipe, the daily one, with Mafalda????

Like everything new I´m a bit afraid, sourdough is a challenge, how much do I have to use?, how it´s going to taste?

But yesterday like in a foreign ground I began my travel through  it.

I took 1/2 cup of Mafalda from the fridge and began to feed her.

Mafalda is amazing and  in a couple of hours I have a bubbling starter.

Following Dan Lepard instructions for a white loaf from his book ...... I started the process of making bread.

Oats Bread

700 gr bread flour
300 gr oats
500 gr  starter
600 ml  milk
  80 gr butter
1 tsp     salt
150 gr sugar

After mixing the ingredients, knead etc I had to go to a barbecue.
I left my loaves in the tins and covered them with a clean towel.

I came back eight hours later.

The loaves were double in size.

Trying not to move or shake them, I preheat the oven and voilá, the tins were inside.

The results are here, not the same flavour of my usual bread but a nice one, a little acid, a crusty exterior.

I have to improve it but we are eating it.

Just a matter of trying more times!!!!!

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