lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014

February last week/ Ultima semana de febrero

Days go by more quickly than I¨ld want... and yet I´m not at all organized, I miss a more relaxed  routine.

Los días pasan más rápido de lo que quisiera....y todavía no he podido entrar en una rutina más tranquila y relajada.

Everyday going to my office, then just baking bread or knitting had been my ocupations.
Todos los días a la oficina, en los ratos libres: amasar pan y tejer han sido mis ocupaciones.

Only after two weeks from coming back, I can say that the freezer and the pantry are full.
I went to the supermarket, the greengrocers and the butchers!!!!!!

Recién después de dos semanas de estar en casa, tengo resueltas las compras de provisiones en el supermarket, en el mayorista, en la verdulería y en la carnicería!!

Yesterday out in Del Viso, by the pool, I finished

Ayer, en Del Viso, al lado de la pileta, terminé el para Francisca.

Now I have to buy new yarns for new projects.
Ahora tengo que comprar nuevas lanitas para empezar nuevos proyectos.

No creo que sea esta finde mes .... y además el sábado se va S. a Europa por seis meses y estoy a full con los preparativos.

Not this week. On Saturday, S travels to Spain, to stay there for six months, so many things to prepare, little time spare to be with my baby boy !!!!!! I´ll miss him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok my friends, that´s all.
See you soon.

domingo, 9 de febrero de 2014

In my kitchen February....

Joining amazing Celia´s blog this month.

This summer in Buenos Aires was very very hot!!!
Fortunately, I was travelling, on holidays, the other half of the world.

As I followed the news on internet, I saw how temperatures rose up to 45º C...... !!!!!

Since I came back on wednesday, it´s stormy, with thunders, lots of rain and ....humidity, pantry was empty, both freezers not too much to show!!!!

But I bought a few things out there......(for us, argentinians, it was veryyyyyy expensive!!!)

In Amsterdam some  "gebäck schmuck" for the .......not coming so soon....really anxious .....1st birthday cake of my gorgeous grandbaby girl!!!!

In Berlin, in Charlottesburgh palace, for me.....a mug.

In Spain this tin of paprika. As I collect tins, I love its  inside and  outside too.

And in my kitchen, just now, a new knitting project for.....guess???? grandbaby child !!

And just a few pics of one of the markets I visited.

Oh my God, I´d have been so happy in my kitchen with these goodies....take a look....

Thanks for coming to my kitchen, and thanks Celia!

If you´d like to see what´s happening in others kitchens all over the world link to her blog. It´s just fun!!!!!!!!!!!