viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015

Mafalda (sourdough starter) is making me crazy!!!!

My days are a fight trying to make bread from sourdough starter.

My first attempt was great but now I´m having disaster after disaster.

Just last weekend I had to dismiss my starter, it didn´t work after three feeds.

Today I began again......

8am   1/4 cup  Mafalda sourdough and I added 1/4 cup  flour and filtered water

1pm   I added 1/4 flour and filtered water.
          There were very few bubbles,

4.30pm  1/2 cup flour and filtered water.
              It had more bubbles.
              Because I tried with a bit of this in the glass of water and it didn´t float. It sunk.

Now I´m just waiting but after 2 hours there is no change.

The kitchen is warm because it´s summer here.

I followed all the instructions, I read hundred of blogs about sourdough.....I dont know....

Do I have to wait till tomorrow (now 7.30 pm)????

Do I have to feed it again at ....midnight????


martes, 17 de febrero de 2015

Mafalda, an argentinian sourdough starter!!!!

Since the beginning of the year, Priscilla´s Mafalda was waiting....

This past week it was her time.

I fed her just as Celia told me and she is alive and active in my fridge since then.

Today I followed the instructions in this post and voilá!  bread making starts....

Tomorrow, early in the morning I´ll be making my first sourdough loaf......

Just wait and see!

lunes, 2 de febrero de 2015

Last days, Sawgrass Mall, South Beach and more

On Wednesday we are coming back home.

So we are enjoying the last lazy days near the beach.

We had our shopping spree visiting the mall at Sawgrass Mill.

Kids and grandkids happy!!!!

Yesterday, we went to the beach and then to Ocean Drive, South Beach.....

Gym at South Beach

Española Way

Ice cream shop.....cute!!!
Bye friends, see you all at Buenos Aires!!

Have a nice day!