lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2015

In my kitchen.....September

In my kitchen, is a wonderful idea from Celia.
I love the opportunity she give us, to peek in other kitchens from all over the world, to  learn new recipes, to know new countries, cultures and people.

In my kitchen, es una idea genial de Celia.
Amo la oportunidad que nos da de chusmear en cocinas ajenas, aprender nuevas recetas, conocer países, culturas y a su gente.

Last month I went to visit my eldest, as you know she lives in Mijas (Málaga, Spain).
As always (OMG! why I carry the camera but I forget it in my bag every time I need it!) I took no pictures,but I did my best to enjoy spanish food.

El mes pasado fui a visitar a mi hija mayor, como ya saben vive en Mijas, España.
Como siempre no saqué ni una foto. Por qué será que llevo la cámara y la olvido en lo profundo de mi cartera...
Pese a no sacar fotos, hice todo lo posible para disfrutar de la cocina española.

I ate lots of seafood: "paella", "gambas" etc, etc.

Comí cantidades increíbles de pescados, mariscos, paella, etc, etc.

But IKEA is my paradise.
I visit it every time I go to Ceci´s house. Obviously there are things that I cann-t carry in my luggage, but.....I can buy small gadgets for my kitchen!

Pero mi paraíso es IKEA.
Me doy una vuelta cada vez que visito a Ceci. Obviamente no puedo cargar en mi valija la mayoría de las cosas que venden ahí, pero siempre me las arreglo para comprar pequeños elementos para mi cocina y el resto de la casa!

And here they are:

Measuring cups 

spatula and brush

Fried onions

Sweets treats/Tarifa old city 

IKEA mini market

Not at all in my kitchen but in my heart remained the good moments we enjoyed together: eating, shopping, talking or simply at the beach or by the pool.
Tarifa old city
Thanks Ceci and Martin for a wonderful time. I love you both!

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  1. What a lovely IMK! Not speaking a second language, I loved trying to work out what your comment was and loved it even more when I sort of got a bit of if right (very sort of and very little bit!). That promenade of trees in your photo is stunning! Thank you :)

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