jueves, 5 de junio de 2014

In my kitchen June /En mi cocina, en Junio

Wow!! May finished so soon.
Wow!!, Mayo pasó rapidísimo.

The month was full of birthday parties, a wedding, friends and family from abroad coming home for a while, lunches, dinners...
El mes estuvo lleno de fiestas de cumpleaños, casamiento, amigos y familiares que vinieron del exterior, de visita por unos días, almuerzos, cenas.....

Days spent with family and friends.
Días compartidos con  la familia y amigos.

Busy but lovely too.
Ocupadísimos, pero lindísimos también.

On Monday we said good bye to our visitors and now life is coming to its usual way.
El lunes le dijimos adiós a nuestros visitantes y ahora estamos volviendo al ritmo habitual.

So here I´m.
Y aquí estoy.

 Each month Celia from http://figjamandlimecordial.com/ hosts this forum with links to kitchens all over the world. It allows us to take a look to kitchens from distant countries and amazing cooks!.
Cada mes, Celia desde su blog se vuelve la anfitriona de cocinas de todo el mundo.
Así podemos echarle un vistazo a las cocineras y sus cocinas.!

In my kitchen as a way back to routine:
There are six loaves of bread, just out of the oven.
En mi cocina, como forma de volver a la rutina, hay seis hogazas de pan recién salido del horno.

In my kitchen:
Five  faux briocche  loaves, recipe from Celia´s blog too.
En mi cocina, varios "falsos briocches" receta del blog de Celia.

In my kitchen:
Two cans of passionfruit pulp, a gift from Adele, my Sidney´s friend, an Argentian girl living in Australia.
Dos latas de pulpa de maracuja, regalo de Adela, mi amiga de Australia que estuvo de visita.

And lots of other things....but sorry I didn´t take pictures of all of it!!!!!!!!!
There were cakes, amazing desserts, pizzas etc etc etc
Y montones de otras cosas, pero... no saqué fotos.

Next month, I´ll do better, I promise.
So my friends, go, take a peek into amazing kitchens, just visit Celia´s blog  http://figjamandlimecordial.com/.

8 comentarios:

  1. i like the look of that passionfruit pulp! happy cooking.

    1. Passionfruit mousse or cake.....we´ll see!

  2. I love that you bake with Celia's recipes.. she's one of the best bakers I know:D I'll have to try her faux brioche!

  3. I am so inspired to bake bread after seeing so many IMK's post with beautiful loaves a baking! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing what happens on your blog in the further!

    1. It only needs practice.
      I want to learn to bake it from sordough....but never have the time or patience to make it!

  4. Ale, thank you so much for trying the faux brioche! Your loaves always look so lovely, and it sounds like you've been having an absolutely wonderful time in May with family! And how nice to see Australian passionfruit pulp on your blog! :) Hope your family are all well, especially that gorgeous grandbaby of yours! xx

  5. Ale - it's funny to see passionfruit pulp that we see in supermarkets, sitting on your kitchen bench. I hope to make Celias faux brioche this weekend. Thanks for the peek. xx