miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2016

Coming back soon

Yes, I know! I just disappeared from blogland but I have a reason.... Buenos Aires is soooo terrible hot.
I go to work everyday under an implacable sun and only the air conditioner makes me bear the temperatures, but.....frequently energy goes down...:(:(:( so no AC at all!!!!!

Now a big storm is coming and I hope that rain brings some relief to these hot days.

I´m waiting for light temperatures, I want to bake bread, to make jam with the last peaches of the season, to enjoy cooking again.

Our meals till today were salads, sandwiches, fruits and icecream.

My little garden is suffering too.

Only these little ones are enjoying sun and heat!

What´s going on in your corner????
Are you suffering high temperatures too???

Let me know. :):):)

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