lunes, 8 de junio de 2015

In my kitchen...June

A new month is here.

May was a busy one, but now I´m trying my best to catch up with bloggers all over the world because....IMK is here again.

Wonderful monthly event created by Celia. Here I learnt to bake bread from sourdough, I read amazing posts from other bloggers and travelled in my mind to Sidney (Australia).

In my kitchen .....

Lots of lemons from a friend´s tree...... lemon curd in a near future!

Sourdough fruit loaves trying to grow.....
Mafalda (Priscilla´s relative!) is an amazing starter.

And a foggy and humid, autumn day.

My sunny little yard is dark and humid too.

Not much more going on, just my usual knitting, gardening and reading.

7 comentarios:

  1. Ale, your loaf looks amazing! So glad to hear Mafalda is going strong. And I love your beautiful loaf tin too! :)

  2. Bread looks so good and I love the last picture with all the greens.

    1. Thanks... my yard is small but I love it!

  3. The Malt Loaf looks delicious. I hope you will write about it.

    Always interesting to see what's happening xxx

  4. Ale, your sourdough fruit loaf looks wonderful! I'm planning to try my hand at sourdough soon (yes, another Priscilla offspring!) and I like the idea of adding fruit. Your lemons are lovely, too. Beautiful scenic photos, thanks!

  5. the fruit loaf looks wonderful! And such a lovely green garden. Such a good month for IMK!