viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015

In my kitchen....October

It´s officially Spring here, but the weather is nasty. It´s cold, windy and rainy.

The kitchen is still the place to  look for warm and comfort food.

So, it´s a pleasure to visit kitchens all over the world including my own kitchen!!!

Wonderful idea from Celia.

In my kitchen this month.....

A yummy tangerine cake. New recipe.

In my kitchen....

Chocolate treats from my Ravelry invisible friend.

In my kitchen......

First batch of strawberry jam.

In my kitchen.......

Knitting as always. My gift for my invisible friend in Ravelry.

Last but not least, a cake for a star, my grandchild 2nd birthday.
Not my kitchen, not my cake but a wonderful one made with LOVE . 
Her mummy made it!

Thanks for visiting friends!!!

11 comentarios:

  1. Ale, the shawl you knitted is so delicate with such a beautiful pattern. Bet your invisible friend will love it -- great "trade" for chocolates! Tangerine cake sounds yummy and your strawberry jam looks like rubies in a jar. :)

  2. Despite the inclement weather, your kitchen sounds like a warmly comforting place with the tangerine cake, strawberry jam and lovely knitted shawl.

  3. Gorgeous shawl to snuggle in. But that family photo is like a big warm hug too. Happy October

  4. You can't go wrong with a citrus cake... or strawberry jam. Thanks for the kitchen tour.

  5. All looking so wonderful. Chocolate is definitely fantastic and homemade strawberry jam is the best. Looks like a fun birthday celebration.

    1. It was! First grandchild, a naughty princess!!!

  6. Some fun gifts from your invisible friends. How lovely to celebrate that 2nd birthday. Now the fun begins!

  7. Ale, I've just picked up my knitting needles again, and I'm in awe of your beautiful shawl! I gave up years ago because everyone had a reaction to wool, but now I'm happily knitting dishcloths in cotton. I can't imagine how clever your knitters of intricate patterns are, I keep making mistakes with just four row repeat! :) Your grandbaby is now two! How quickly time flies! And how beautiful your family are! xxx