viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

Busy, busy October

Since October began, there was a lot going on at home.
A new movie on Saturday night.

A family gathering just for fun on Sunday. Tea, cakes and bread.

A weekend spent in Pehuajo. A rural community, 360 km from Buenos Aires.

Famous writer and composer, Maria Elena Walsh wrote her song "Manuelita". Here it´s a city tribute to this famous child character. A statue of the turtle Manuelita ".... who lived in Pehuajo but someday she left it.....".

Pehuajo´s church, San Anselmo.

And now, back in Buenos Aires, with new recipes to cook.....

Toasted coconut cookies from a blog I follow

And some bread because the freezer is empty!!!

And last but not least, here in Argentina on Sunday it´s Mother´s Day, so...... barbecue, desserts and family. Yuppi!!!!!!!!
See you soon my friends.

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