jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013

In my kitchen...... En mi cocina este mes

Trataré teniendo en cuenta mis escasos conocimientos técnicos de unirme a http://figjamandlimecordial.com/2013/05/01/in-my-kitchen-may-2013/ con un post sobre mi cocina en estos días de mayo.

Just trying to make an "In my kitchen" post.
 The idea is from Celia´s wonderful blog.
Well, here I go !!!!!!

In my kitchen there are ....

A cake for my son´s birthday.

Bread for the week

Some scones

 Finally, cake and scones waiting on the table .......

Ok, not Celia´s amazing pics, but worth a try.

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  1. Happy birthday to your son! And thank you for letting us peek into your kitchen, Ale! I noticed only one candle on your son's cake, which makes sense, because at the moment you only have to bake one loaf of bread for the week. Wait until he's older - our boys eat about eight loaves a week these days! :)

    Hope you'll join in again!

    1. Nooo Celia, he´s 29!! And he lives with his girl friend, but... parties are always at home.
      I have 8 kids. The eldest is 34, but only the youngest (girl and boy) live with me.
      I´m happy of my success linking the post.

      I´ll join again !!!

    2. Ale, you have EIGHT kids? God bless you, I barely manage with two! :) How fabulous that you're still baking cakes for them! x

  2. Welcome to Celia's IMK family, how lovely to see the goodies you have baked!

  3. Ale thanks for this post I really enjoy all the IMK posts and it is great to see one from Argentina.

    1. Thanks!!
      I´m reading Celia´s blog since 2012 but I never had the time or the courage to post.
      I´ll try to be a regular!
      Nice to meet you all.

  4. Me encantaron las fotos!! Sobre todo la de los scons, pone la receta así la copio!!!

  5. Me encantaron las fotos!! sobre todo la de los scons!!
    Larga la receta para que la copie!!

  6. Welcome to the IMK family. It is great to see another bread baker.

  7. Welcome! It's so exciting to see someone new and from so far away. How nice that your son is near enough to come home for a birthday. Mine are so scattered we don't see much of them.

  8. Thanks Pat!! They are near enough but we don´t see each other as you´ld think!! we are all too busy, you know!