domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013


Ok the weather is crazy!!!
It´s cold out there... under 10º C !!! but it´s saturday and.... no work, so.... after a long breakfast, a short errand to the supermarket and some search at Google we found.........:

Comocomecami- Le pain cotidien

Wonderful bakery and coffee shop and more!
We arrived at half past twelve.
The place was full of people eating, drinking, chating.
In a corner we found a table for two.
The menu: Soup, quiché and lemonade. Incredible dessert: belgian chocolate cake.
As usual I remember to take photos when everything finished so you can only see the crumbles of the cake or the last bite.

Then, knitting at home.
My from Alba Cabrera´s pattern is on the way.

Today is Sunday, it´s cold, it´s rainy, it´s windy. Perfect day to eat and knit, eat and knit, eat and knit!!!!!

Enjoy your Sunday and have a happy week!


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