domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

On Sunday

It´s a rainny Sunday .... but Sunday at least!!

Yesterday I finished Francisca´s cardigan from my own personal pattern.
I´m anxious to see how it looks on her.

Not a good pic, such a grey day!

And I began a new one.
Gorgeous Amancay from Milana

Last week, I finished this vest.
Finished last week

I´m in a hurry, because I entered a swap from a  Ravelry group ......

I also have a long list of family "orders"......

It was a busy week.
Lots of work at the office, errands to make, documents to read and the pleasure of the week..... on Thursday I took care of Francisca, she was a sweet, she laughed, she made delicious babysh sounds and finally she fell asleep till her mummy came back.

Now I have to go, time to think about lunch.
Bye my friends!!!!

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  1. Thank you for commenting on our MGCC blog. It is a pleasure to meet you ! I too love to knit -- your sweaters are lovely ! and your darling granddaughter is precious! May God bless you and yours !