jueves, 11 de julio de 2013

Enjoying winter warm days....but not now!

Sunny days, not too cold.
So it´s  nice to be outdoors,in my free time, reading, knitting or just napping.
Although I´m preparing everything for the kids journey, I have enough spare time to continue knitting my socks under the winter sun.
Or read my new kindle book, "The storyteller" from Jodi Picault.

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The last one was:

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I wrote these words two weeks ago, now it´s cold, rainny and at the beggining of winter holidays, here in Argentina....the kids are abroad and I think I´ll have enough time to write posts, cook,  visit my other kids, knitting and going through art exhibitions, films etc etc etc.

The only thing missing ´ll be my camera.
S. borrow it for his trip, so.... post but no pics only those taken with my phone.

Enjoy your days, I´m trying to enjoy mine.

"Carpe diem" !!!!!!

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  1. Ale! Gracias por pasar! Vos comenzás tus vacaciones y a mí se me termina este corte que hicimos para un escape relax... No me olvidé de la Singer! Avisame al mail si querés que nos reunamos y te enseño los básicos.... mfalva2632@gmail.com

    1. Dale!! Me encantaría, el finde me organizo y te mando mail para ver cuando podemos concretarlo.